Day 1: Clean Texting Challenge, keep it friendly! (100 days of Singleness)

Okay cut off the love songs, put the ice cream back in the freezer and DO NOT text him! He’s not the one and you know it, he wasn’t even a good one to begin with. Don’t let your loneliness commit you to another moment in a wrong relationship! For the next 7 days weContinue reading “Day 1: Clean Texting Challenge, keep it friendly! (100 days of Singleness)”

Dear Leslie Miller…

Dear Leslie, I realize that domestic violence in this country is often laughed about and taken lightly until it hits home, pun intended. You may not care about domestic violence because the oppressive fist has not been turned towards anyone you care about but as a public figure, you don’t get to put aside yourContinue reading “Dear Leslie Miller…”

Label, looks & location – what do they say about you?

Everything, every object or tool shows it’s purpose. Either by design, wording or by it’s position or proximity to another object we know it’s purpose. So the question is, what purpose are your portraying? By Design: what does your appearance say about you? Is it in line with your God given purpose? By nature, humansContinue reading “Label, looks & location – what do they say about you?”