100 Days of Singleness Challenge

Darling, it’s time for change.

Are you in a season of transition? Do you find yourself in a moment where you need clarity, understanding and healing? I’ve been there, and the thing that changed my life is what I want to share with you and guide you through. The 100 days of singleness challenge saved my life, ended my cycle of jumping from one relationship to the next and made me face some hard truths. It allowed me the space I needed to learn myself and let The Lord heal my heart. For 100 days, I will be giving you full access to a private community of women just like you who will encourage, support and motivate you to be your absolute best self.

The challenge will ultimately be hosted by me, Shakeisha Johnson; a life coach and author of 100 days of singleness. The 100 days of singleness program has helped countless women transform their lives and embrace their truth.

100 Days of singleness is a continuation of Shakeisha’s mission to see single young women healed, confident and embracing who they are. 

The Program includes:

100 Days of Singleness eBook

Private Facebook Group access

Group chat support

The chance to win a cash prize!

For more information, click here.

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