Let’s create a life you’ll love

There is a part of you yelling “there is more!” and that
insistent and sometimes infuriating voice is absolutely right.

Work With Me

It’s great that you’re accomplished, serving faithfully in your home and community and living your life purposely. I’m just here to help you do that without sacrificing your wellbeing, fulfillment and joy. 

Here’s the thing; you’ve probably felt like you have the answers for everyone but yourself. We all need support to peel back the layers and access our authentic selves. You deserve to invest in you and give yourself permission to receive the support you so readily provide for others. The world needs you, the real you to show up as the woman God knew was necessary. 

Every impactful life needs an effective strategy. The only way to build a life you’ll love is to get clear on what that looks like, what it requires and how to get there. That’s where I come in!

I started this journey in 2014, helping single women heal and grow from their past trauma and have expanded that into movements, initiatives and a brand known for healing and impact, delivered in an authentically loving way that creates a safe haven for those I am called to. I guide multifaceted women into greater clarity, focus and self awareness, so they can lead more fulfilling and purposeful lives.

 I coach women who:

  • Know they were meant for greatness but are unclear with how to execute
  • Are in a time of transition and need clarity on their next steps
  • Show up for those they love and are ready to invest in themselves the same way
  • Believe that God has plan for their lives that’s worth fulfilling 
  • Are willing to put in the work and invest in themselves 

The truth is, your life held great value before you were conceived.

Walking out your God given purpose is your personal decision to partner with the vision of heaven for your life. It is absolutely worth the work!

Through my signature program, The Starting Point; we dive deep into the fundamentals of healing to peel back the layers of dysfunction to reveal our true identity.

It’s a 6 week one on one program that‘s simplistic and incredibly impactful. 

Starting Point Program

If you’ve ever felt stuck and uncertain of what’s next for you? Rest assured that you haven’t failed, you’re simply at a brand new starting point. The Starting Point Program will help you to reassess your vision for your life with a coach who cares. 

  • Are you ready to see what lies on the other side of fear?
  • Do you desire Godly guidance and a guilt free zone to navigate blockages and cycles?
  • Are you ready to experience greater levels of clarity, self-esteem and self-efficacy?
  • Do you want to reframe past experiences and move forward in confidence toward the abundant life God has for you?

Concierge Coaching

Everything that runs well, is the result of a strategy that is well designed. As a woman of influence and a multifaceted woman, you are well aware of this. It’s time to apply the very same level of intention and precision to your personal life to achieve the synergy you so earnestly desire. 

Concierge Coaching provides you with preferred bookings, flexible options to work around your schedule and the ease of having me meet you at the location of your choice.

Speaking Services

  • Workshops 
  • Retreats & Conferences 
  • VIP Group Coaching Days

Here’s what women just like you have to say about working with Shakeisha

From the initial meeting, I could feel the peace of God – I knew I was in the right hands. Over the course of our coaching sessions, I learned so much about self-love, self-esteem, dreams, and learning new ways of thinking. My feelings of inferiority decreased, and my dreams spilled out like a river. It was so powerful – turning the memories that once left me feeling defeated into power for today. I would recommend ANYONE seeking help in their life to work with Coach Keish.

There are not many true safe places left in the World where you can pour yourself out and not have to be in fear that you’ll hear it coming from someone else! She is professional yet handles each situation with care as if you’re family. I honor this gift and I would recommend her for your betterment!

Coach Keish is amazing! Her gift to help women to unearth the beauty that somehow got buried and lost due to circumstances, broken trust, accepting the world’s view of love, etc. is nothing that man could’ve trained her for. God has gifted her to see beyond the skin whether natural or ‘beat’ like we say to the areas that need healing, those areas that need reminding that we are valuable and that God’s love towards us has not changed. Although she’s younger than some of the women she coaches, her wisdom is far beyond her years and she nurtures your growth celebrates each step like a loving mother or sister. Her desire to see women healed and living the lives God has called us to live has zero to do with getting rich. She’s simply doing what she has been called to do with love!

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