Label, looks & location – what do they say about you?

Everything, every object or tool shows it’s purpose. Either by design, wording or by it’s position or proximity to another object we know it’s purpose.

So the question is, what purpose are your portraying?

By Design: what does your appearance say about you? Is it in line with your God given purpose? By nature, humans are very visual creatures and it is with all certainty that I can voice that we are judged on our appearance. How baffled would we be if we saw someone using a soap dish as a shovel? The design of a shovel makes it ideal for the purpose for which it was created and allows the owner to maximize it’s potential. When God shows you your purpose, show your purpose to the world!

By Wording: How many times have you picked up a bottle and poured it only to be awestruck by it’s content until you read the label? When design/appearance isn’t clear enough we tend to rely on words to paint a better picture. I’ve had a personal experience with this, pouring out what I thought was bleach only to discover it was muriatic acid.. Imagine my horror! What does your label say? For those of us that do not sport name tags complete with a biography and occupation you may be a bit puzzled, but don’t be; your label is every word you speak. The words we speak, the content of out posts on social networks and our status updates are what most people use to maneuver our personality and get to the core of who we are. Speak who you are clearly and without deception, make your label clear and be certain you’re not committing the crime of false advertising. Speak who God said you are and let your actions follow, and don’t you ever let anyone put labels on you that don’t belong!

By position/proximity: Let’s say you’re at a friend’s house and you’re about to take a shower and they tell you there’s a clean towel in there…If you walked in and saw one washcloth hanging near the shower and the other down near the toilet… Which one would you take a shower with? There’s no label, they’re both designed the same but by where they’re placed there’s a very evident difference in their purpose. There’s a reason “guilty by association” is such a popular phrase, it’s true. Where we’re situated and who we’re near are what indicate our purpose. So, quit hanging near toilets. The best place to be in any situation or stage of life is near God and He in turn will position you for purpose. Who are you close to? God, friends, family? Whoever/whatever you are near is who you tend to resemble.

This is by no means saying that we should be preoccupied with the opinions of others or put on a show to appease those around us. What we are, is evident in every aspect of our being and our God given purpose ought to be reflected always. Let’s be who God called us to be by thought, action deed and proximity to Him! We have full access to an all powerful God, there’s nothing He can’t do! Purpose is in you, express it!

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