Thanks, but no thanks…



Don’t do me any favours!

I beg of anyone that encounters me never to darken the doorway of my life by remaining out of obligation or to void hurting my feelings. All you are doing essentially is preventing those who God has purposed to be a part of my destiny from coming in. The art of letting go is a beautiful one that I have realized as important as the ministry of loving one another and remaining constant. You never have to remind someone to love you or prove your worth to anyone, when you feel you do.. it’s time to let go.

I have a few people that feel I am cold or dismissive but I am neither. I have a heart for people, one that allows me to feel empathy for those I encounter and reach out to help them however I can. It does a disservice to me and those I could potentially be a blessing to if all my efforts are then spent grabbing the hand of those pulling away. Go. It doesn’t mean I may not miss you, but I firmly believe in God’s will for my life. I am under the impression that he will not tie me to anyone that is not tied to me willingly, in love and is excited about being a part of my life.

This does not mean that I will stop praying for you or that I will ever have anything negative to say about you, I won’t. I simply realize that we are squatting on each other’s territory illegally. We are no longer growing and serving each other or we have ventured onto different paths, it’s okay.

Just remember…

Sometimes goodbye is the sweetest word you can utter. It releases hat person of their sense of obligation toward you and you from holding onto them in vain and releases you into your destiny.

Live a little, laugh a lot and be a blessing!


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