100 Days of Singleness

It’s not easy being single, let’s be honest.

Let’s get to the core of the matter, let’s get into what we really feel and peel away the facade of what we are supposed to say about being single as Christians.

It seems as if saying you get lonely sometimes is a crime punishable by cliche quotes and scriptures you’ve already memorized but no real conversation in the matter. Why isn’t it okay to express our emotions in a safe environment and tell the truth? Is it because we are afraid of not being seen as sister squeaky clean or is it our innate need to pretend that we are always just butterflies and rainbows? Whatever the reason, I’m about to put an end to it!

For the next 100 days consecutively I’ll chronicle my life each day and share with you the emotions, trials and triumphs that come with being single. I’ll let you know it’s okay not to be okay sometimes and God is a deliverer despite our feelings but that it’s okay to have feelings. It is my desire to see us living victoriously without putting on a front and without hiding the issues that need to be assessed and healed and that can bring deliverance to someone if we were only brave enough to share it. I don’t expect everyone to agree with my views but if you’re interested in taking this journey with me, let’s go!

Day 1 will be posted tomorrow so in the meantime; live a little, love a lot, be a blessing!


2 responses to “100 Days of Singleness”

  1. God bless you Keisha… I needed to read this…


    1. memoirsofkeisha Avatar

      I hope you follow along and are blessed by the series, God be with you


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