Day 5: Listen Honey you’ve got this… Through Christ!!! (100 Days of Singleness)

Today you’ve began to adjust to clean texting and social media filtering, you’ve begun looking at relationships differently. This is good. I just have two warnings for you as we proceed:

Don’t get scared
Don’t get comfortable

Wow, before I even get into that let me share an experience with you all that literally just happened… I just got the most hateful message from a guy I used to talk to that I removed from a social networking site, I’m talking dude straight cussed me out. Lol, so expect to be attacked from all angles and know that in the process of moving on you’ll have to peel away from some people and they don’t all leave in peace; some will be left behind kicking, screaming and clawing at you. Run! People show you what thy really think of you when they’re angry, believe them.

Now back to regularly scheduled blogging….

Don’t get scared
The more you seek God, the more the enemy seeks to destroy you. Every level will bring forth new attacks but with each new attack comes forth a new level of strength that God reveals in you. And listen honey, you’ve definitely got this! The God we serve is greater than any attack, we are never destroyed by the enemy. Our battle has already been won, these wars we fight are overcome in the spirit and we just have to be diligent and stay prayed up and in the word.

Don’t get comfortable!!!
I know it feels good resisting temptation and your confidence is being boosted every time you say no. But don’t get cocky honey and don’t you think for a minute that the obstacles you have overcome have been on your own strength. Without God we are nothing. We are made strong through His spirit alone and the minute we begin to believe our own righteousness we run the risk of falling flat on our faces into sin. Remain humble, remain diligent, remain dependent on God.

New levels mean we pray more not less. We read our bibles more frequently and we seek Him more earnestly than we did before.

I love you all, let’s keep pressing forward!

Live a little, love a lot & be a blessing!

– Keisha


One response to “Day 5: Listen Honey you’ve got this… Through Christ!!! (100 Days of Singleness)”

  1. Very Good Stay Encouraged & God Bless You


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