Only the lonely… Day 11 – 100 Days of Singleness

I promised to be transparent during this experience and I will. Some of you have expressed that you’ve fallen back into some old habits and relationships. I’ve had challenges letting go too, but I’ve done it.

It’s okay, you haven’t failed until you’ve given up and working through your shortcomings is proof that you’re stronger than you give yourself credit for.

You’ve let go. Now you realize just how much of your time was taken up by people that added nothing to your purpose. Now you see that they were toxic, and unnecessary but… They fed your ego. The good morning texts have gone, the late night conversations and being bombarded with compliments. All gone. You keep checking your phone for messages that never come and have to remind yourself why you’re doing this.

Only the lonely can relate. It’s different, it’s a big change and don’t let anyone invalidate your feelings because they don’t share the experience. Begin to ask yourself just why it is you depended so much on conversation with people you know didn’t belong in your life. Why is it you need constant communication? What internal void are you trying to fill with outside sources?

I’m not here to tell you it’s going to get easy overnight! I’m here to remind you that your healing process is only beginning and the temporary discomfort is nothing compared to your permanent healing! Yes if hurts sometimes but WE have to get to a place where we are fully satisfied in Christ alone.

Seasons of loneliness teach is to be fully dependent on God, it’s a requirement. Ready for the challenge?


For 24 hours you won’t sign into any social media sites; no Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or anything else you frequent. Realize that God is speaking through the silence . You choose the 24 hour period but it has to be a full 24 hours.

Allow God’s voice to be heard as you silence the world around you for a while.

Live a little, love a lot and be a blessing!


2 responses to “Only the lonely… Day 11 – 100 Days of Singleness”

  1. Now this is gonna be hard, I know it’ll be worth it 🙂


    1. memoirsofkeisha Avatar

      Yes it will, you can do this!


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