Leave your heart alone! (Day 23 – 100 Days I Singleness)

You know they’re not what God has in store for you, but you pursue them anyway…

We get into a cycle of breaking our own heart because this man is so fine I have to make him mine! I’ve done it, we get so caught up I’m the feelings and attraction that we forget one key thing; don’t follow your heart which is what we covered on day 12. It is important that we are led by the spirit and not our feelings of attraction.

I can attest that during this season of seeking God and being content in my singleness i have had to quench many advances from seemingly well meaning men that have been in high pursuit. I’ve come to the conclusion that the timing is more of a distraction than anything and will make no choices until God so prompts.

Y’all know God is amazing right? He has been doing so much healing and stripping away I barely recognize the heart He is giving me! I can only pray that He’s moving in you this way and that He will prepare your hearts to fully love Him and others.

We are not against relationships, not bashing men. It actually speaks of our love for them, in that we have taken the time to allow God to prepare us before allowing them into out lives and hearts.

Many people hear singleness and go into a frenzy but this season of our lives is a beautiful, simple time that teaches us through trial and error who we are. We are free to move as God speaks and are not under the covenant of marriage as yet where we would have to consult with another person on our decisions.

Leave your heart alone! Let God finish what He’s doing!

You are amazing, do not be so against time alone with yourself and with the lover of your soul. Do not shut your heart, but do not give it away before it is full prepared to accommodate what you’re seeking.

Live a little, love a lot, be a blessing!
– Keisha


2 responses to “Leave your heart alone! (Day 23 – 100 Days I Singleness)”

  1. A very hard thing to do, but if it’s something you have to do to get closer to God it’s very much well worth it.


    1. memoirsofkeisha Avatar

      I totally agree


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