Hey, up here! (Day 40 – 100 Days of Singleness)

I was cooking the other day and in a total panic because it seemed I had run out of my favorite seasonings. I’m a Bahamian, one thing we do not tolerate in The Bahamas is bland food – so I was naturally distraught!

After all my crazed pacing the kitchen, for some reason I decide to take another look in the cupboard; only this time I used a chair. Imagine my shock and happiness when I found two unopened spices and was able to finish my meal with all the flavor I had set out to enjoy it with!

My question is… What are you looking for?

Whatever it is, worrying won’t help you find it. You’ve just got to go a little higher! You just can’t see because you’re at the wrong angle, your point of view is all off. Be elevated and you’ll be able to see the provision that was there all along!

Today, get on up a little higher!

Live a little, love a lot, be a blessing!
– Shakeisha M. 20140709-202948-73788504.jpg

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