Snap out of it…!!!! (Day 42 – 100 Days of Singleness)

Snap out of it!

Most of us have two paces in romantic relationships, all consuming obsession and utter disinterest… There’s rarely a middle ground. I’ve been trying to find mine for years, believe me!

I know a part of the reason God called me aside to be single was because of my innate ability to be fully consumed by the men I’ve dated. What made it even worse was that none of them were at the spiritual maturity level to bring me closer to Christ, so each new relationship meant I was slipping just a bit further away from His purpose for my life. My own fault, of course.

It’s okay to get to know someone without being consumed by them. The moment you find yourself having to scale back on your relationship with Christ. You know it’s out of hand.

If you’re going to be in the twilight zone with anyone, obsessed with any magnificent being… Make it the Father who created you, the Son who saved you and the Holy Spirit who comforts you. We tend to forget that we are all flawed, and build up impossible standards that we ourselves can’t even live up to. Chill!!!

Any relationship that does not strengthen your relationship with Christ, weakens it. It’s as simple as that!

We must be vigilant of distractions that will be placed in our paths that look like everything we have ever wanted. Oh and EVERY godly man or woman you encounter is not your future spouse so give God time to bring them before you going chasing after who was never meant for you!

If Jesus isn’t the center, walk away.

Live a little. Love a lot and snap out of it!

– Keisha


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