If you think you’re lonely now…. (Day 43 – 100 Days of Singleness)

Maybe it sucks not having someone to call your own, watching everyone get married and you can’t find anyone worth a second date… Maybe you think it’s much too lonely and God should just send you someone so you can finally be happy.

Newsflash!!!!If you’re miserable now, a spouse won’t change that. You’ll just spend your time being lonely and miserable with someone else around!

If you think you’re lonely now.. Imagine if God gives you exactly what you think you’re ready for! God does not make mistakes but you do, so why wouldn’t you trust Him with the decision you haven’t had very much luck with your entire life? Whether you want to face it or not, you are the common factor in all your failed relationships and even if hey were all complete jerks… YOU picked them all! You’ve been attracting the same broken person you are, that’s why God has you single, you’re not ready!

So if you think being single is lonely, try being in the wrong relationship and having your energy drained just for the sake of having someone! God does not want you to ensure unnecessary heartache when He can hide you in His presence until the one He has appointed for you arrives.

Matter of fact… What if God never sends you a spouse? Would you still serve Him?

If you have any doubt to that question, what you need is a stronger relationship with Christ and not mister or miss right.

If you think you’re lonely now, think again. You are in company and beautiful intimacy with the most perfect being you’ve ever or will ever have the pleasure of knowing. You are the beloved of Christ. You are the apple of His eye, the one He yearns for relationship with and He pursues you, laid down His very life for you. What greater love can there be?

If you think you’re lonely now… Think again!!!

– Keisha

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