From my heart to yours…. ( Day 47 – 100 Days of Singleness)

We can only give to others that which is within us.

We cannot pass on joy we haven’t found, peace we do not know or wisdom we haven’t sought and received. Anytime God moves us to a place of Ministry it is preceded by a season of seclusion so that He can remove who we were and release who we need to be, to fulfill His plan.

I love writing but I made a promise to God and myself to remain authentic by never writing about that which I haven’t experienced. For this reason God has been processing me, molding and breaking and reshaping me into the woman of God He requires to reach His beloved people.

From my heart to yours
I speak of joy because depression once overwhelmed me
I speak of peace because when everything is falling apart God Himself has held me together
I speak of spiritual healing because where I was once broken, there is wholeness
I speak of love, because I know Him and He is love and in Him I have become love
I speak of wisdom, because in my pursuit He has granted me discernment
I speak of pain, because I know it serves a purpose and is temporal
I speak of Christ because I know Him, personally and intimately and it is my desire for as many that see me… To see only Him in me
I speak of humility because I know that all that is beautiful in me is of God and not myself

So from my heart to yours, I speak healing because He has and is continually healing me!

– Shakeisha M. 20140716-072714-26834650.jpg

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