But I want it my way!!! (Day 49 – 100 Days of Singleness)

Ugh God why can’t you just give me things the way I want? Why is it always so difficult? Why why why???

How many tantrums have you thrown because God’s plan didn’t line up with what you thought should happen? We all have and it’s okay.

We can go to great lengths and explain just why you should shut up and listen but why go through all the trouble? I’ll just give you 3 really good reasons to forget your will and follow God’s.
1. You don’t know what’s best.
2. God knows what’s best.
3. You deserve the best!

There you have it folks, fix that pout and let your last sigh out. Be obedient and leave the tantrums to that annoying kid in the supermarket crying over cereal.

Live a little, love a lot, be a blessing!
– Shakeisha M.

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