Cheating is for the weak! (Day 75 – 100 Days of Singleness)

Ladies this one is for you…
Please stop praising weak men and allowing them to cause you to question your worth.

What is a weak man?
Much like all of us at some point, he does not know who he is. He preys on the vulnerable and bases his self worth on the opinions and ideals of others. Some of the weakest men you know are the most arrogant and boast about what they have more than who they are. Men that cheat constantly, usually do so because at some basic level they feel inadequate and need the approval of multiple women, same as most women that are promiscuous. Weak people are those that can only find their strength in the weaknesses of others.

Why did he cheat?
He cheated, so you begin to question whether you’re pretty enough or smart enough. Was it something you did? Maybe you nagged him too much or got too clingy. Question is, why are YOU the one trying to rationalize something HE did to you?! This is because you based your value on what he thought of you. When you don’t know who you are there are always people around waiting to tell you just who thy think you are. Don’t let them. Don’t put up with bad treatment just to prove you can get someone to love you or stay with you. That man who’s treating you like dirt probably has a better idea of your worth than you do and is breaking you down in hopes that you don’t figure it out. He knows that if you ever realized what a blessing you are, you’d never put up with him.

Do me a favor beautiful, love yourself as God shows you how.

– Shakeisha M.


2 responses to “Cheating is for the weak! (Day 75 – 100 Days of Singleness)”

  1. Miss these words of wisdom! Keep it up!


    1. memoirsofkeisha Avatar

      Will do! 🙂


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