Little miss yesterday…

I’m not that girl anymore, I left her behind sometime ago without realizing it. She needed so much just to function, constant contact with other people because she didn’t like herself very much. She held so much resentment and hurt that it clogged her heart and blocked out love. She drank whenever it all became too real, anytime she wanted to feel less; she drank more. She managed to convince the world around her that she was confident and strong all the while suffering silently in a world where she felt little and insignificant.

Her, I left her behind some one ago. This freedom, to do as I please; but choosing instead to do as I ought to. This freedom to love and give of my time and resources without a second thought. Never being threatened when someone is more talented, smarter or better at something because I’m no longer defined by what I do. I am valuable simply because I am. God created, therefore it was good. I crave the love of He who first loved my soul and He sustains me. I am never satisfied, for there is always more and my hunger keeps us closely knit.

I’m loved.
I’m valued.
I’m justified.

So are you!

Not by anything you’ve done, but strictly by the virtue that the master of the universe saw it fit to sketch you into His masterpiece.

Have a beautiful day loves!

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