Just one please…

I went to the movies alone Sunday night, yeah… Whatever lol. I didn’t enjoy the movie any less than I did when I went with a friend or spouse.

I spent so much time being afraid to do things on my own because I hadn’t come to love my own company yet. Now I enjoy evenings alone, no noise or tv and sometimes I don’t even write – I just enjoy the solitude. I do still go our with friends and family and enjoy them, but I get to enjoy me too.

This weekend, I felt so empowered by one simple phrase “Just one please”.

It made me think back on all the great movies I didn’t see in theaters because I had nobody to go with me. How many restaurants haven’t you tried yet because you don’t want to eat alone? You probably cringe at the thought of showing up at an event solo… But why?

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying these activities with those you love, but why limit yourself to only enjoying them when someone else is available?

I dare you to pick up and do something, just you and enjoy your own company. Eat as a slowly as you want, get the popcorn and nachos and the gummy bears! Lick the gum wrapper once you’ve taken the gum out because you want ALL the flavor and because you can!

I’ve overcome one of my biggest hang ups about being single and I did it all my saying “Just one please”.

4 responses to “Just one please…”

  1. So empowering just enjoying yourself! Love it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. memoirsofkeisha Avatar

      Yes Abby, it’s amazing!


  2. I did that myself…….and it surely was a weight lifted. I know there are people out there that don’t want to been in public solo. But guess what we came into the world solo. Embrace the feeling. #justoneplease


    1. That’s awesome! #justoneplease


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