“Don’t forget you’re in a war…”

I would have begun writing this at 4:54 am eastern time. An hour before, I sat crying on the couch just feeling incredibly invisible and invaluable. In a stark and disturbing contrast to last weekend where I experienced the glory of God and felt such peace.

Where did it go?

Where did my resolve to be who He’s called me to be and do what He’s called me to do, go all of a sudden? I recognized right in that moment the plan of the enemy. I remembered something one of our senior pastors said in his sermon last Sunday “we forget that we are in a war”. The entire time I’ve been trying to figure out my feelings, I’ve been going about it all wrong.

After aimlessly searching emotions; I asked God “show me what’s at work behind the scenes”. As plain as day, I saw the plan of the enemy to distract me and to toss me into a vacuum of fear, disappointment and depression. See, if my emotions are in charge; that means God isn’t. This saint to say that somehow I’m supposed to be an emotionless robot. Instead, it says that God can handle everything I’m feeling and thinking. When I lay my emotions at His feet, I’m able to sort through what’s real and what’s a weapon against my purpose and His plan.

Don’t forget that we are in a war. We are fighting for our families, our marriages, our relationships, our futures, finances and our children! There is as much of an assignment against you as there is for you. Luckily for us, the God who set the assignment for us is infinitely more powerful than the fraud who’s plotting against us.

Satan lives in deception; his desire is to deceive you into questioning God’s sovereign knowledge of your identity and purpose as he did with Eve. Eve had no idea the weight of her decision in the garden, no idea that it would literally impact all humanity. The enemy tricked her into believing that the very thing God warned her against was “no big deal” and in doing so – undermined God’s plan for her to live peaceably and without pain.

When God gives and instruction and we give way to the thought process that says “did He REALLY say….” then we have effectively given ear to the enemy. We have begun a line of questioning that is deceptive enough to convince us that we know better than God does. We somehow believe the lie that God doesn’t care or doesn’t understand; even when our very own experiences prove that to be untrue.

I’ve said all that to say this; fight for your life!!! Fight for your identity and the very essence of God’s sovereignty in every facet of your existence. God does care. God does know what’s happening. His word still stands. Trust and obey God behind what you feel. I know I will! It’s easier to fight when you’re guaranteed a win.

It won’t always be easy, but you’ll always be victorious.

Live light, love God, be blessed.

– Coach Keish

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